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Tuition in Polish or English


Studniska Dolne just happens to be situated in an idyllic part of Poland, bordering onto Germany and the Czech Republic within a few kilometer radius. Positioned on the edge of the village with access to the properities private woodland, horse trekking provides a different means of sight seeing without having to take a main road.

Horse trekking is tailored around the individual riders ability to ensure both horse and rider safety and of course, allow you to take in the sights.

As with riding lessons, a ridden assessment is required to guage rider stability and ensure horse compatibility.


Individual lessons offer a great opportunity for horse and rider to work with the instructor on a one to one basis focusing on the individuals problems as well as their aspirations. Individual lessons are advised for beginners where the additional time allows ample opportunity to cover the basics of riding and gurantee that the fundamentals of riding are mastered to be practiced in the following session.

All new riders will be subjected to and individual assessment lesson to confirm suitability of horse/rider as well as ensure rider competence for those aspiring to trail riding.


Horse riding goes beyond knowledge of riding and entails care and managment of the horse. Anyone aspiring to have a horse of their own, run a riding school, is a student of veterinary medicine or simply wishes to increase their knowledge in all or specific aspects of horse care theory based lectures provide you with the opportunity to focus on these areas of interest. Theory lectures can be arranged to meet and cover the individuals needs or can be taught over a series of sessions in a practical based environment to solidify newly acquired knowledge.

Theory topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Equine nutrition

  • Basic concepts of farriery and remedial shoeing

  • Equine anatomy

  • Sessions for children- tack, cleaning

  • Tack fitting


Horse and rider clinics are tailored to the demand of those interested. Clinics are usually run on a monthly basis with bookings taken a week or two in advance to ensure facility and arena hire. Clinics are open to all riders and non riders with own horses or horses provided for demonstration.

Clinics topics include:

  • Polework

  • Horse/Rider Asymmetry

  • Horse in motion: Focus on anatomy

  • Lungeing with training aids

We are always open to new ideas.

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