Studniska Dolne just happens to be situated in an idyllic part of Poland, bordering onto Germany and the Czech Republic within a few kilometer radius. Positioned on the edge of the village with access to the properities private woodland, horse trekking provides a different means of sight seeing without having to take a main road. With access to Studniska Horse Centrum’s accommodation and stabling facilities, it is also possible to bring your own horse and join in!

Horse trekking is tailored around the individual riders ability to ensure both horse and rider safety and of course, allow you to take in the sights.

As with riding lessons, a ridden assessment is required to guage rider stability and ensure horse compatibility.


Mounted archery is an increasingly popular sport in Europe with Poland being a country to boast some of the top competitiors including the female world and european champion Anna Sokolska. 

Having the right horses is key to ensure that this experience is not limited to horse riders but allows non riders an opportunity to test their balance and accuracy when combined withan equine partner.


Currently we have 2 Silesian horses trained for lessons in horse archery.



Individual lessons offer a great opportunity for horse and rider to work with the instructor on a one to one basis focusing on the individuals problems as well as their aspirations. Individual lessons are advised for beginners where the additional time allows ample opportunity to cover the basics of riding and gurantee that the fundamentals are covered and can be practiced in the following session. 

Lessons are focused on rider position and balance; starting without a saddle, riders progress with greater confidence and feel of the horses natural rhythm.

All new riders will be subjected to and individual assessment lesson to confirm suitability of horse/rider as well as ensure rider competence for those aspiring to trail riding.

Due to the horses available, the rider weight limit is 75kg.