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Before the era of machinery there was the era of horsepower in which horses provided the necessary driving force to cultivate farmland and forests.

Horse logging is a more flexible approach to forestry; stripping aborticulture back to its roots. Unlike heavy machinery horses still provide an effective means of timber extraction in various woodlands but especially those that are protected. Horses are able to manouver through more difficult woodland sights that encorporate ditches, hills or trees that are protected. Horses are less destructive than aboriculture machinery in that they do not damage the earth and habitat in the same way allowing the woodland time to return to its original state. 


Ever wondered just how difficult this job is? Why not give it a go and master the basics of horse logging around a safe and structured obstacle course where you will learn to manouver safely around the horse and log during extraction. During these sessions you may also attempt various techniques with the horse that are often needed in more difficult extractions where logs are lodged, placed in akward positions or need to be lined up correctly at a pick up point.


Having previously completed a chainsaw cross cutting and maintenance course and having worked in various woodlands in Essex, England and Germany we are capable of working within a structured team of foresters and trained equines to complete a woodland extraction project.


Currently we have no horses of our own in training but are happy to assist in training those interested.


At this moment in time we are not able to contract our own horses for woodland managent.