equine rehabilitation


specific rehabilitation

Similar to human athletes, equine athletes will also require a period of rehabilitation post injury to successfuly return to competition. By establishing and following an injury specific rehabilitation plan, the horses recovery time may be shortened through the use of targeted exercises.

Rehabilitation and fittening programs are commonly asigned to horses that are :

  • Recovering from an acute injury

  • Suffering from chronic pain

  • Recovering from operations- including collic

  • Have been diagnosed with arthritic conditions

  • Suffering from poor performance

  • Lost muscle or condition during rest period

A combination of pain relief with therapeutic modalities, perscribed box rest or 24/7 turnout to aid recovery as well as targeted exercises can be implemented from 4-12 weeks depending on the injury. These training programs include but are not limited to:

  • Polework

  • Groundwork

  • Lungeing/ Double lungeing

  • Long reining

  • Horse walking- hill work, water workout

  • Therapy sessions: modalities and massage

*Please note ridden work is only included if the owner agrees to partake in the plan. This has proven to be the most effective in improving performance, in comparison to being ridden by other instructor or trainers. Both horse and rider must adapt together.

A horse however does not have to be injured or in recovery to recieve physiotherapy. Targeted exercises from a physiotherapists perspective can work to enhance muscle build up needed for a particular sport or at a specific life stage. Alternative fittening and specific training programmes are also available:

  • Young horses

  • Old horses

  • Discipline specific

  • Winter fittening

  • Core strengthening


An initial assesment is required as well as access to previous veterinary records; it is essential that the veterinarian agree to physiotherapy to allow us to work as a team for the benefit of your animal .