Your age, ability or experience are irrelevant if you are truly interested in partaking in some archery to tick it off your bucket list or take it up as a professional sport.

We are happy to provide individual lessons that give you the valuable one on one time to master the basics and answer all your questions whether you are starting out or have reached a plateau and need help stepping up to the next level. Individual sessions are tailored to your needs and abilities to ensure you get exactly what you want from this experience.



Mounted archery is an increasingly popular sport in Europe with Poland being a country to boast some of the top competitiors including the female world and european champion Anna Sokolska. 

Having the right horses is key to ensure that this experience is not limited to horse riders but allows non riders an opportunity to test their balance and accuracy when combined withan equine partner.


Currently we have 2 Silesian horses trained for lessons in horse archery.