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Katarzyna Kozioł was born in Canada however spent half her life studying and working in the UK. In 2018, after graduating with a masters degree in animal therapy, Katarzyna decided to return to her family's roots and set up in Poland.

Katarzyna has worked with a variety of animals from birds of prey, marine mammal rescue to camel riding and training. Katarzyna's degree specialises in asymmetry of dairy cows which aims to prove how physiotherapeutic techniques and treatments can be transfered to different species for their benefit.

Katarzyna is a qualified British Horse Society riding instructor and has been teaching part time throughout her studies over the past for years, predominantley in England as well as abroad in Iceland, Austria, Norway and Finland. These qualifications enable Katarzyna to teach riders from all walks of life- be it beginner or advanced, young or old, pleasure rider or a competitive individual, always here to help.

Appart from horse riding Katarzyna has also trained and partaken in competitions in horse logging- a less common alternative to machine operated forestry especially in Poland. 

Archery is a more recent passion after training with professionals in the north-eastern part of Poland just over 3 years ago. One shot at the target while galloping past on a horse was all it took to spark a lifelong interest. Now having acquired her own horses, Katarzyna hopes to share this passion and offer the same thrill to other aspiring archers.