Katarzyna Kozioł is an animal physiotherapist who has focussed her collective practical experience to provide guidance in teaching horse riding while working comfortably in a bilingual atmosphere as well as providing an individual approach to animal physiotherapy.

Katarzyna Kozioł graduated from the university of Essex with a Msc degree in animal therapy. This qualification has equipped her with the knowledge and practical skills involved in all aspects of animal rehabilitation from manual therapies to hydrotherapy; all avenues and options should be explored when treating animals. Although Katarzyna mainly treats canine and equine patients she  is always open to treating any animal including pigs, cows and camels.


Apart from her studies, Katarzyna completed multiple British horse society exams to become a certified instructor. Teaching part time throughout her studies and during summer placements abroad in Scandinavia and Europe, Katarzyna learned to apply various languages and approaches to teach a wide variety of ages and abilities.  Happy to accommodate all aspects of riding from dressage, jumping, trail riding to horse archery and horse logging Katarzyna teaches at Studniska Horse Centrum but can also travel to accommodate you.